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Sweats for Pets, LA Fitness, Reid Park Zoo Lights, Fort Lowell Shootout, TACO party... and MORE.

EVENTS EVENTS EVENTS.... If you can't find Parks Farmers Insurance out in your community... it's 'cause you ain't lookin'. Click the logos for websites to these fun events. Most importantly... come see us for some free swag and cool gifts.

10/23 Humane Society Sweats for Pets

10/27 LA Fitness Member Appreciation

10/29-31 Bear Canyon Apartments Halloween Candy!

11/5 Bear Canyon Apartment Pet Appreciation Event

11/12 Parks Farmers Insurance FREE Taco PARTY!

11/12 Sabino High School Golf Fundraiser

12/?? Reid Park Zoo Lights

01/13-15 Fort Lowell Shootout

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